Drone Delivery Operations - Wing Aviation Pty Ltd

Project summary

Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is a drone delivery company that has built an autonomous fleet of small, lightweight delivery drones that can transport small packages directly to homes in minutes. Wing has been operating a drone delivery service in the ACT since April 2019 and has delivered thousands of packages on behalf of 15 local businesses to residents in Crace, Franklin, Harrison and Palmerston. The facility that Wing has built in Mitchell, ACT is the first of its kind in the world, and Wing has since launched a second facility in Logan, Queensland.

Drone delivery can improve the way cities operate by supporting efficient small package transport using drones as a last mile delivery solution, reducing road congestion, carbon emissions and creating new economic opportunities for local businesses. Wing has delivered smart city infrastructure in Canberra without the need for investment from the government. According to AlphaBeta Economics, using drones to deliver small goods has the potential to reduce traffic congestion in the ACT by 35 million vehicle kilometres each year by 2030.


delivery drone in flight