This report

When the Strategy was endorsed in 2019, all jurisdictions committed to report to Infrastructure and Transport Ministers annually on their progress in delivering the Strategy and Action Plan. This provides a mechanism to discuss freight performance and challenges for supply chains, modes or jurisdictions, and to encourage further action from governments and industry to lift freight system performance.

This is the first annual progress report — covering progress made against the National Action Plan to June 2020. It features a look into Australia’s freight performance over the year, using snapshots from each jurisdiction on progress and challenges, as well as updates on each jurisdiction’s implementation plan (progress report).

Performance measurement will be crucial to ensuring the Strategy delivers real change. As the Freight Industry Reference Panel pointed out in their independent statement on progress, the only way to tell with certainty that we are doing the right actions to achieve the intended outcome is through accurate, timely and comparable data. We will track delivery of the Strategy through:

  • Industry’s views on progress outlined in the Freight Industry Reference Panel’s independent statement
  • Quantitative performance metrics from various aspects of Australia’s freight and supply chain networks
  • Updates on jurisdictions’ implementation arrangements outlining how they are delivering against the 13 actions in the National Action Plan.