Stakeholder survey

The recent combination of natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic has made us, as a nation, acutely aware of the essential role of the freight and logistics industry.

The National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy is now more relevant than ever. It positions the Nation to move into the economic recovery phase of our COVID response and provides a strong foundation for continuing the excellent partnerships formed with industry and across government during this difficult period. 

To this end, the Freight Industry Reference Panel was created to provide Transport and Infrastructure ministers with an independent industry perspective on the Strategy’s delivery and industry a clear line of sight on actions being undertaken through the Strategy. 

This survey will provide an enormous benefit to the Panel in developing this advice by providing a mechanism to gather industry opinions on progress and ensure that your views are heard and considered. Feedback from this survey will be published as part of the Strategy’s first annual report.

This survey aims to gauge:

  • Awareness of the action areas
  • Whether you consider governments are working on ‘the right things’ to deliver results and
  • How well you think the actions are progressing.

Relevant documents, including the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and National Action Plan, that may assist you in answering the following questions can be found at The questionnaire should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed at

John Fullerton
Freight Industry Reference Panel