Over the past 12 months, unprecedented events have challenged Australia at local, regional and national levels.

All four action areas

The 2019-20 summer saw bushfires and other natural disasters close major highways, ground flights and devastate affected communities. The COVID-19 pandemic, which reached Australian shores as the bushfires were still burning, spread just as quickly and with terrible impact.

The Strategy provides a strong foundation for our economic recovery through its four critical action areas:

  1. Smarter and targeted investment
  2. Enable improved supply chain efficiency
  3. Better planning, regulation and coordination
  4. Better freight location and performance data

While working together to support industry’s immediate needs arising from COVID-19, governments remain committed to the longer-term actions and reforms outlined in the National Action Plan, and continuing the excellent partnerships formed with industry across governments.

strategy at a glance
action we will take and how it will be delivered