International Supply Chain Benchmarking

International Benchmarking involves modelling Australia’s supply chains and comparing movement of commodities, domestically and internationally. This helps evaluate supply chain performance and identify areas for potential reform to support competitiveness and resilience.

Supply Chain Benchmarking Dashboard

The Supply Chain Benchmarking Dashboarddeveloped by the CSIROmodels Australian supply chains and provides a comprehensive set of benchmarks to assist performance evaluation and international comparison. This project builds on our partnership with CSIRO using the TraNSIT facility to better inform transport infrastructure decision making.

More information, including FAQs and user guides, can be found at the dashboard site.

The Dashboard has been tested on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Use a desktop computer or laptop for the best experience. 

International Benchmarking Reports

Explore international benchmarking insights through 10 sectoral assessments and 10 more detailed commodity-level reports, benchmarking significant Australian supply chains with relevant international comparators.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is critical to international benchmarking, whether to validate use cases for research and resources developed, to gain feedback for products developed, or to understand how the benchmarking insights reflect the experience in Australia.

Since the pilot in 2019 and throughout the project’s development, significant stakeholder input and feedback has helped shape benchmarking products. Such engagement continues to ensure the products remain useful in supporting the evaluation of Australia’s supply chain performance, and turning insights into action.

Stakeholders are encouraged to get in touch through the contact below or provide feedback directly through the Supply Chain Benchmarking Dashboard.


For further information contact

The benchmarking resources are anticipated to transition to the National Freight Data Hub in future. Visit the Hub website to find out more.