2023 Review of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

About the Review

On 9 June 2023, infrastructure and transport ministers agreed to commence the first review of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy (Strategy). The June ITMM Communique is available.

When the Strategy was first established in 2019, Australia’s freight and supply chains looked very different to the way they do today. Over the past four years, supply chains have experienced unprecedented and compounding disruptions including a global pandemic, extreme weather events, skills shortages and more.

The 2023 Review is an opportunity to take stock of what has changed and what has been achieved since 2019. The Review will assess if there are gaps in the Strategy, consider the Strategy’s performance and propose a small number of KPIs. It will help build a more effective Strategy that is better equipped to address Australia’s growing and changing freight task. Review the Terms of reference.

The Next Stages

Submissions for the Review of the Strategy have officially closed. Thank you to anyone who attended an engagement forum or made a submission. Your input will help inform the Review report which is currently being drafted. The Review report will be provided to infrastructure and transport ministers by the end of this year. A refreshed Strategy will be developed in the first half of next year.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, contact us via email: freightstrategyreview@infrastructure.gov.au