What is the Strategy?

Australia's freight task is growing and changing. The volume of freight carried is expected to grow by over 35 per cent between 2018 and 2040, an increase of 270 billion tonnes (bringing the total volume to just over 1000 billion tonne kilometres). The nature of the freight challenge is also changing in conjunction with growing population density pressures - urban freight is forecast to grow by nearly 60 per cent over 20 years to 2040. Regional and remote Australia has an important role in responding to increasing demand from Asian and other international markets, underpinning our national economic growth, and our growing urban population.

The National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy prepares us for this future. It sets an agenda for coordinated and well-planned government and industry action across all freight modes over the next 20 years and beyond. It sets a national vision for freight systems and supply chains to contribute to a strong and prosperous Australia through achieving the following goals:

  • improved efficiency and international competitiveness
  • safe, secure and sustainable operations
  • a fit for purpose regulatory environment
  • innovative solutions to meet freight demand
  • a skilled and adaptable workforce
  • an informed understanding and acceptance of freight operations

All tiers of government to work with industry to deliver a national approach to freight that transcends borders and modes.

These goals guide governments and industry in considering strategic priorities for freight policy, programs and investment.

The goals and priority action areas build on the work of the industry-led Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities and the work undertaken through earlier national strategies and current state and territory strategies for freight.

These goals will be achieved by taking national action across four critical areas:

  • Smarter and targeted infrastructure investment
  • Enable improved supply chain efficiency
  • Better planning, coordination and regulation
  • Better freight location and performance data

The Strategy, its goals and how it will be delivered is summarised in the "Strategy at a Glance".

Strategy at a glance

How we got here

Australia’s National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy is the culmination of an intensive two year process to explore how best to deliver nationally coordinated and well planned freight systems. Since March 2017 Australian governments have consulted over 1370 people from across the nations supply chains on how to lift the productivity of Australia’s freight systems. This was supported by extensive research and analysis of Australia’s present freight challenges and those on the horizon.

As we implement the Strategy over the next 20 years it is worthwhile taking a closer look at how we got here PDF: 798 KB.