Infrastructure and Transport Ministers' Foreword

The recent combination of natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic has made us, as a nation, acutely aware how important freight and supply chains are to our way of life.

It has brought home to each and every Australian the essential role of the freight and logistics industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that much can be done - and done quickly - when governments and industry work together.

All the work done by governments and industry on the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy before COVID-19 put us in a good place to know where and how to act to keep our supply chains running. This has been vital to keeping food and essential supplies available across the nation. As demands rapidly changed we were in a good position to respond. We have been working together to:

  • Remove or suspend curfews for heavy vehicle deliveries.
  • Freeze heavy vehicle charges to support the operators of heavy vehicles, many of whom are small businesses.
  • Grant a national exemption from border restrictions for non-cruise maritime crew for the safe movement of crew into Australia and across borders.
  • Allow roadhouses, truck stop facilities and truck driver lounges to remain open.
  • Establish national consistency for the movement of freight across domestic borders.

We have made great strides, but we cannot sit back and relax.

As we move into the economic recovery phase of our COVID-19 response, implementing the Strategy is now more relevant than ever.

The Strategy provides a strong foundation for continuing the excellent partnerships formed with industry and across governments.

We - the Australian, State and Territory Governments - together with industry are committed to making changes that last the long term.

Infrastructure and Transport Ministers